Ziggy from Ghana

I had an assignment to photograph Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah, which is published in the current issue of Sports Illustrated. He has an interesting story.


























He had never played football in Ghana but stepped onto the football field at BYU in Utah, just 8 weeks ago and has become a sensation. He is being scouted as a potential first round draft pick for the NFL. He didn’t know how to play football or even how to put on his shoulder pads but nobody laughed at him because he is so big, 6’6″ and 250 lbs. He is a good student and a whiz at Statistics. He even wears a pair of glasses to class, rims only, no lenses, to appear more intellectual. He was a great sport, freezing on a mountain top as I photographed him draped in the flag of Ghana.   At the end of the shoot he pulled his mouth guard out of his pocket, put it in his mouth and smiled broadly to reveal another flag of Ghana, his beloved homeland.





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