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My assignment was to photograph the scene at the World Series for Sports Illustrated. My editor asked me to capture the mood, a “what it feels like to be there” picture for a potential double page spread for the Leading Off section. At dusk, when the light was getting nice with a deep blue sky I climbed up to the upper deck and was trying to figure out how to show the entire scene from the field all the way to the boats in McCovey Cove. My widest lens, a 24mm wasn’t wide enough and even if I had a wider lens, there would have been too much distortion. So I thought I’d try a panorama, shooting multiple images of the scene and later my editor stitched them together. It was my first Leading Off spread in SI. It got even better when the 2 page layout became a 3 page fold-out spread. I shared the spread with David Klutho who shot a similar scene during the games in Detroit.



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