The Ups and Downs of Photography

The current issue of San Francisco magazine ran a feature I did on the loyalty of the Warriors fan base in the East Bay. While the Warriors are on the up, for some reason I found myself down on the floor quite often this time around. I was happy to have been given this assignment considering that when I went in to meet with the editor, I was reaching down into my bag and fell completely out of my chair, with the chair ending up on top of me. The editor was kind enough to blame the chair, and we both had a good laugh about it.

The second time I ended up on the floor was intentional. I was photographing a group of fans at the Englander Sports Bar in San Leandro, CA, and was looking for an angle. I knew I wanted to get an image of the fans reacting to the TV screens as the Warriors played, and had been camping out for a spot directly in front of them. Seats opened at the bar, and I quickly moved in and staked claim to 3 of the bar stools. After shooting a few frames, I decided that the angle just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I went low and ended up spending most of the next hour squatting below the bar. It was a good choice as I ended up with a solid image that the editor decided to use for the feature. When I came up from under the bar, the bartender was surprised to see me; she had been wondering where I had disappeared to and jokingly asking if I had skipped out on the tab. I guess that’s a great thing considering that they say photojournalists need to be like a fly on the wall.

The Golden State Warriors are in the playoffs and their fans could not be more elated. The team has an unquestionably loyal fan base in the East Bay, having filled the majority of their seats over the past several years, despite being a team with a heritage of losing. The Warriors broke tradition, and are currently in round 2 of the NBA playoffs, after an incredible game 6 victory over the Nuggets to advance.


2 Responses to The Ups and Downs of Photography

  • I love this set. It’s special, cause it’s two different locations, for one story, but all the images connect, and tell an amazing story.

  • Tim Hanley says:

    Great set. Although my hometown Knicks are still in the playoffs, I have a special place in my heart for the Warriors because Coach Mark Jackson attended my high school in Brooklyn (Bishop Loughlin), albeit a decade after I graduated. Good luck to all. Maybe they’ll meet in the Finals. One question: Who was the “fly on the wall” taking the photo of you — taking a photo?

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