In the bag





















You can probably imagine I have a lot of bags since I am one of the founders of Think Tank… Continue reading

San Francisco Loses an Icon




















San Francisco has lost half of its iconic duo, the Brown twins. The twins were spotted frequently during their many walks… Continue reading

The Many Faces of Marshawn
















I recently had the opportunity to photograph one of the NFL’s top running backs, Marshawn Lynch for Sports Illustrated.  My assignment was to shoot… Continue reading

Ziggy from Ghana

I had an assignment to photograph Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah, which is published in the current issue of Sports Illustrated. He has an interesting story.
















 … Continue reading

World Series 2012
















My assignment was to photograph the scene at the World Series for Sports Illustrated. My editor asked me to capture the mood, a “what… Continue reading

A Boutique Athlete

































On the field Adrian Wilson is considered to… Continue reading

Buster Posey for ESPN the Magazine




















I recently had the opportunity to photograph Buster Posey for ESPN the Magazine during a home series against the Los Angeles… Continue reading

The Fab Five Take Gold in London


















The U.S. women’s gymnastics team took gold this week in London, dominating the other teams, finishing several points ahead of Russia, their closest… Continue reading

Activism in Sports


I photographed Joseph Williams, seen here, in last week’s Sports Illustrated, in Charlottesville, VA. The story evolved from a story about Joseph, a UVA football player who went on a hunger strike to bring attention to the living wages… Continue reading

Navy SEALS Train Wolverines


Running backwards through a Navy SEALS obstacle course was not something I had ever expected to find myself doing.  I was in Coronado, CA shooting a story for ESPN the Magazine about the Michigan Wolverines football team.  … Continue reading

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