One in 20,000


When people say “game changer” its usually something big. Wilt Chamberlain was literally a game changer, being one of the most transformative players in NBA history; his 100 point game has never been surpassed professionally.

One hundred is a small number in comparison however, to Wilt’s claim to have slept with 20,000 women in his lifetime. He was known notoriously for his promiscuity, and had acknowledged that he had no intentions of marrying and that there would be no “little Wilties”.

I had the great privilege of working with writer, Gary Pomerantz, whose intro to the story graces the cover, and being part of Sports Illustrated’s exclusive story on Aaron Levi, who discovered recently that he may be Wilt Chamberlain’s son. I spent some time with Aaron, making portraits of him, and am honored to have the cover this issue. It’s always exciting to be part of an exclusive, especially one that sheds light and adds depth to the life of such a widely known figure.

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