How To Light a 5 Inch Subject



Technology seems to advance more and more quickly, and my recent shoot for Science Magazine is a good example of that. Their latest cover story is about Carbon3D, a company revolutionizing the 3D printing industry with their new printer which prints 25-100x faster than any printers on the market today. A true advancement of technology.

On the day of the shoot, I arrived at Carbon3D with my assistant and a Think Tank Photo Logistics Manager full of my usual lighting equipment and accessories. The space was confined, the printer was small, and the printed Eiffel Tower was very small, almost smaller than the flash bulb on my Profoto D1’s. How was I going to light this? It was hard enough to set up light stands and strobes, and how would I focus the flash on such a small area?

Suddenly, an idea, a light bulb moment if you will. My assistant and a Carbon3D staff member had high powered LED flash lights that we were able to focus the beam on. These provided just enough light, and fit just about anywhere we wanted them, including one in each of my assistant’s hands and another on his forehead, what a trooper.

Making a photograph of such a high tech machine, ironically, required relatively low tech means.

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