Kibera photos awarded in American Photography

Several months ago, I spent some time with a film crew in Kenya, shooting stills for an upcoming documentary film, Shifting Ground. During my time in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, I found myself frequently amazed by the spirit and resilience of the people; despite having so little, they still live happily and make the most of what they have. A little girl using an old bicycle inner tube as a hula hoop, men smiling as they hang precariously off train cars on their way to work, a group of women laughing and enjoying each other’s company as they prepare a meal. There is a railroad that bisects the city, but neither side of the tracks can be considered the better side. There are no paved roads, no running water, and no sanitation. There are very few schools, a minimum of health care and policing, but one thing Kibera does not lack is heart. It was a truly humbling and heart warming experience, and it reminds me to be appreciative of the life and comforts I’ve been blessed with. I was honored that two of my images, one of a man running along the train tracks during his morning commute, and another of a person walking atop a burning trash pile,  were selected by the jury as “Chosen” winners in American Photography 30.






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  • Priscilla Fisher says:

    Congratulations Deanne! These are incredible pictures. You have caught such emotion and JOY!. I can not stop looking at these. You are supremely blessed with talent. So thankful to see these pictures and I hope they will help these beautiful people have easier lives.

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