Nice Genes…

Photos by Deanne Fitzmaurice, National Geographic


We live in an era where people are constantly sharing their lives online; what they had for lunch, a photo of their dog, or an inspiring quote. It’s an interesting paradox; while sharing… Continue reading

A Photojournalist’s Guide

A friend of mine, Stacy, has just released her second book, “A Photojournalist’s Field Guide: In the trenches with combat photographer Stacy Pearsall”. It is an informative and practical book, filled with advice on a wide range of subjects from… Continue reading

Think Tank Test Drive

We’re offering a test drive program for our new Modular Rotation Systems.  If you are interested in testing out some great gear, you can try it free for 28 days.  If you like it, you keep… Continue reading

Fountains of Paris

Just back from Paris, one of my favorite cities. I saw a great exhibit of 100 prints by Alexandra and Pierre Boulat at Petit Palais. Highly recommended for anyone traveling through Paris. Below is a picture I shot of people… Continue reading

Kangaroos in the Backyard

Just catching up here. I woke up to the sight of a kangaroo with a “joey” in her pocket in the backyard of our friends’ house near Surfer’s Paradise. We were there for the Australian launch of our camera bag… Continue reading