Back Story

Hello Dalai

Berkeley, 6 AM. Settled in, camera equipment swept by security, sniffed by dogs. In three hours the Dalai Lama would arrive. I jumped at the chance to photograph the Dalai Lama. I also had to jump out of bed at… Continue reading

Keep Church Weird

I was sitting in my seat on board a flight to Seattle waiting to take off when a tall, tattooed woman took the seat next to me. She looked like a punk rocker from Seattle, and I wouldn’t have been… Continue reading

Marriage Equality

San Francisco Magazine   August 2013

I first photographed Joe and Frank Capley-Alfano in 2004 when they were married at City Hall in San Francisco in 2004. Their marriage was later ruled invalid by Prop 8. When they got… Continue reading

Backstage with Zuckerberg and Brin

















There was an air of expectation and mystery as I waited in anticipation at a press event. I was the only photographer allowed backstage,… Continue reading

49ers to Superbowl


Sports Illustrated assigned me to photograph the San Francisco 49ers diverse fan base as they played the NFC Championship game. At halftime the 49ers were losing 17-0 but they came back and won it at the end of… Continue reading

Backstory: Behind a Photo Shoot






















I had lunch last week in NYC’s Upper West Side at a French Bistro, Nice Matin with my friends… Continue reading

NPR Shoot



















I photographed a story in Modesto, CA for NPR about a woman named Amber Cooper who is having difficulties paying for her… Continue reading

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