Catch Me If I Fall


Photos by Deanne Fitzmaurice for Sports Illustrated


Brittany Bryan has very little recollection of what happened before she fell from the railing at Oakland’s O.Co Coliseum. She was attending an Oakland Raiders game with her boyfriend and went to use the restroom, everything else after that is a blur.

People have speculated that she was attempting suicide, but those closest to her, and she herself have no idea why she would. Brittany was happy. She loved being a mother to her four year old daughter, Lyla, and she was in a good relationship with a new boyfriend. What could compel her to climb over the railing, 45 feet above the ground? No one will ever really know, but what everyone does know is that Donnie Navidad saved her life.

More on Brittany and Donnie, their newfound bond, and that fateful day, at



One Response to Catch Me If I Fall

  • Greg Cooper says:

    Hey Deanne! What great photos. The last one shows clearly her appreciation. The clenched fists and trying to snuggle in as close as she can. Awesome emotion. And the railing just over her shoulder. Wow.

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