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I recently had the opportunity to photograph Buster Posey for ESPN the Magazine during a home series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Buster is one of the Giants’ best players, a key factor when they won the World Series in 2010.  Last season after a collision at home plate, Buster missed most of the season with a broken leg, and as a result the Giants didn’t fare as well.  He’s back in full swing this season.

Buster carries himself with confidence; he’s the kind of player that will probably be a big league manager one day.  He’s only 25 and seems wiser than his years, being the unofficial captain of the Giants.  After following Buster and all he has brought to his team, he’s the primary reason I’ve grown to respect catchers so much.  Buster is known to be a quiet and reserved guy, hardly engaging with the media, but he speaks volumes during games, protecting his team and managing them on the field.

You can find this story about him in the August 20, 2012 issue of ESPN the Magazine.  Click here to read the story on ESPN.com


























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