Monthly Archives: March 2012

Antoine Walker – We’re Not in the NBA Anymore

I was in Idaho a few weeks back for Sports Illustrated, shooting a story on former NBA star Antoine Walker.  Walker made $100M during his time with the NBA, but due to financial problems, he is now $770,000 in… Continue reading

Turning a “No” Into a “Yes”

Going over some photos with my student, Josh Bergeron.


For the past few days I’ve been teaching a Documentary Photography Storytelling workshop  in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Its my first time being an instructor at Santa Fe… Continue reading

Think Tank Test Drive

We’re offering a test drive program for our new Modular Rotation Systems.  If you are interested in testing out some great gear, you can try it free for 28 days.  If you like it, you keep… Continue reading

Behind-the-Scenes with US Soccer team

I had an opportunity to photograph the US Women’s National Soccer Team, behind the scenes, in Frisco, Texas on assignment for ESPN the Magazine. I was hoping for something to happen in the locker room as the team was getting… Continue reading

Jack’s Story

Every now and then you have the rare chance of meeting someone with an incredible sense of determination and optimism.  I recently met a remarkable young man named Jack Jablonski.  Jack was severely injured during a hockey game… Continue reading

Video Shoot for ACLU

It was a great experience to shoot a video for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) about the UC Davis pepper spray incident. I learned how debilitating pepper spray is and met some brave students who stand up for what… Continue reading

Workshop in Portugal

Summer will be here shortly and I’m excited about a new teaching opportunity that I have.  I’ve been invited to teach a workshop in Lisbon, Portugal for Disquiet International, an international literary program focusing on a deeper mutual understanding… Continue reading

Pictures of the Year International

Last November I had the incredible opportunity to photograph former Raiders Head Coach, Hue Jackson, getting a mani/pedi (really!).

Just being given this rare chance was wonderful in itself, but recently this opportunity led to something else. I’m happy to… Continue reading

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